Report a possible violation of a child rights

If a child is currently experiencing violence, if his/her health or life is at risk or if the child needs to be kept in a safe environment, please call the police immediately on the emergency number 112.

If the child is not currently at real risk, please fill in a report, which will be responded to by the children’s rights defenders within 6 hours (in the case of a report of possible violence against a child) or within 3 days (for all other reports).

We inform you that the Service can only respond to a report of a possible violation of the rights of a child in cases where the data of the child or the child’s family (the name of the child and/or his/her parents and the exact address of the child’s place of residence) are available.

Important! If you have already reported a possible violation of child’s rights to the police or the Service in another way, you do not need to fill in this report.

The form is currently being updated.


To report a violation of a child's rights, call the Child Rights Line  - 8 800 10 800 (Monday to Thursday 08:00 to 19:00, Friday 08:00 to 18:00). At other times, call the general emergency number 112.


You can also report a violation of a child's rights at the nearest child rights protection division.