Order on the Undertaking of Foreign Citizens and Lithuanian Citizens Residing abroad to Provide Reports, and on the Approval of the Report Form of the Adaptation of Children in their Adoptive Family 

Report of the child’s adaptation in his / her adoptive family 

The Authorized foreign institution shall provide the Adoption Service with a feedback on the adopted children (during the first 2 years after adoption – every 6 months, during the following 2 years – once a year, after 4 years after adoption – upon request from the Adoption Service), that consists of reports of the prescribed form about the adopted child's integration into the family, living conditions, development and state of health and visual material.

Analysis of feedback on children over 10 years of age, adopted by foreigners

They have found themselves and others 

Analysis of Reciprocal Information About Children Adopted by Foreign Nationals

Last updated: 10-12-2023